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Thank you so much, Jaye! This progamme is literally life-changing! Right from the first session I knew something amazing was happening. It’s released inhibitions and blocks I never even realised I had! It’s given me the courage to at last quit a job that’s been draining my energy, and launch the business I’ve been dreaming about for years! Can’t thank you enough
Keira, Newhaven
I thought I knew the chakras, but I’ve never encountered anything like the way you work with them! The clearance work was amazing. So much stuff stuck inside me, no wonder I was being held back. It was as if I was living in chains! I feel free, powerful and confident now like I can’t believe. Mine’s a demanding, very male-dominated job, but I now feel I can handle anything that comes my way, and the amazing thing is, I’m being treated differently. Even the biggest dickheads who used to make sexist remarks all the time seem to sense something different about me, because they tread careful, like they know now I’ll kick ass if I need to! Your programme really is magic!
Susan, NY
I want to thank you, Jaye, for your wonderful coaching system. This programme is a fantastic concept. As a successful business woman I baulked at admitting I could use a bit of help. Thank God I got over it! Before meeting you I was pretty much stuck in a mental rut. Turned out it was exactly what I needed to free up my confidence and self-belief to move forward with my dreams. Now in my dream job in Europe. Best decision I ever made!
Laura, Rome
Life sure is a rollercoaster; I dedicated myself to being a teacher because I thought it would be an area where I’d do great! Instead I was in severe stress and a work routine that was killing me. I was told I had depression and I needed rest and pills. I rested but I was against pills. Then I found you, Jaye, and your programme, just at the right time! It’s amazing how your system works, after our calls I could feel the new power and vitality coursing through me! I’ve found the path to loving myself again and letting go of my past mistakes. I’m now in a great new job that before I’d never have had the courage even to apply for, let alone take! (I’m in a new relationship too, incidentally!) I’m absolutely sure we didn’t meet by chance, as I’m sure I’m not in the world for no purpose. I owe my actual wellbeing to you, Jaye, you’re the best coach I could ever have met. Thanks, Jaye, for dedicating so much of yourself to helping others who feel as devastated as I once was. A million thanks!!
Giselle L. (Montreal, C).
As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I used to finish every day drained and shattered from taking on other people's stuff. I always thought it was proof I cared. But I've found how much more help I can be now I'm so much more resilient and can stay focused and centered in my own space. After all the work I’ve done on myself over the years, I thought there was nothing new in the PD space for me to find. So glad I was wrong! I can hardly believe the energy and motivation I’ve got now! Every day’s an adventure! It’s so much more than just mindset. I can see it daily having an impact on my clients (my kids love it too)! Your stuff should be taught in schools!
Fiona, Bath, UK
Hello Jaye, had to say thank you for your wonderful programme. I never thought anything could shift my blocks, and God knows I’d tried everything! I’d started thinking it was just the way I was wired and I was stuck with my inhibitions for life. You changed all that! Your EFT is like a gift from heaven, works every time! Love it!
Matti, York
Fantastic, fantastic! I now feel the way I've wanted to all my life. You’re a godsend!!!
Joanna, MA